Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

Korean Vets recognize St. Paul School students--2012

Tuesday March 6, 2012: The Korean War and Service Veterans of Lake County presented fourteen St. Paul Catholic School students with certificates for the most outstanding essays on the Korean War at a brief ceremony at the school today. [Photo scroll down]

 Of these 14, Grace Banahan [Photo], Sophia Cintron, and Danielle DeVillier were presented small monetary awards for having, respectively, the first, second and third place essays.

The Korean Veterans made their third annual visit to St. Paul School on Sunshine Ave in Leesburg on February 2, where they presented their hour-long Tell America program involving an overview of the “who, what, why and so what” of the Korean war. [Photo]

They also presented personal stories, and a display of items used by the military in that war [Photo].

The school asked its middle school students to each write an essay about one of several aspects of the Korean War, which the faculty then screened and selected the best to be given to the Vets for their ranking. (Click here to see essays.)

“These are outstanding essays,” said Tom Thiel, President of the Lake County Korean Vets. “It not only was clear that the students were listening, but that they comprehend that the Korean War, often called the Forgotten War, successfully thwarted the advance of Communism in that part of Asia, and created a thriving freedom-loving country with one of the world’s strongest economies.”

They also presented a small donation to St. Paul’s School to be used as appropriate [Photo].

The Korean War and Service Association of Lake County, Inc., Chapter 169 is a not for profit organization that welcomes anyone who served in Korea with the US Military anytime from the beginning of the Korean War in June 1950 to the present, especially those who served after August 1953.

They meet the fourth Wednesday of every month at 2:00 p.m., at the Leesburg Senior Center, 1211 Penn St. Visitors are welcome. Their 85 members come from all parts of Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties, as well as The Villages.

Among their several programs, the Tell America is one of the Korean Vets major efforts. They have met with students at the high- and middle-school levels, and have utilized that avenue to provide scholarship and related monies to school students and programs.

Teachers and schools are invited to ask them to come to their schools for similar programs.

For more information on either the Tell America Program or on the KWSVA itself, please email: kwva169[at]gmail.com or call 408-6612, or 205-8536

Korean Vets recognize St Paul School students Photos

  1. Korean Vets with St. Paul Essay Certificate recipients; from left, President Thiel, VP Brown, and Director Pfahler.
  2. Korean Vets President Thiel presents Certificate and a check to Grace Banahan, First Place Winner.
  3. Korean Vets President Thiel presenting scholarship donation to St. Paul Principal Mary Staley.
  4.  Tell America team at St. Paul’s Catholic School on February 2: KWSVA members seated, from left, Tom Thiel, Dick Pfahler, Carol Becker, Gunther Noder, Al Schuetz, and Dwight Brown, with all St. Paul students.
  5. Dwight Brown, left, telling students about display items.
  6.  Three St. Paul students “testing” some display items.