Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

Carver Middle School, Nov. 10, 2009 "Take a veteran to school"

Along with Amvets Post in Leesburg, we were invited to come to Carver Middle School in Leesburg. This program began with all of us being treated to a very nice breakfast with the students. Click HERE to see the program.

Carver Middle School and KWVA 169 Tell America programWe were then escorted by the a History Club student guide who took us to our assigned classroom. This is Tom Thiel with that bunch of terrific young Carver students (he's the guy seated in the front row).


Unfortunately, we didn't get very many photos, so these few will have to suffice, but that in no way diminishes our tremendous experience at Carver School!

Pfahler, Sievers and ReganPfahler, Sievers and Regan were three who went.



Van beck, White and ThielAnd the other three were Van Beck, White and Thiel.



Michael Lyons interviewed Tom ThielAnd after returning from an hour in our classrooms, a member of the Journalism Club interviewed each of us; Here Thiel spent another most enjoyable hour with Michael Lyons (left).


                        "On my 25-mile trip to Carver School, I asked myself why I was doing this; on the 25-mile return trip, I knew why!"