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St. Paul's Poster and Essay Contest

On Thursday, 28 May 2015, both Joel and I went to St Paul's Catholic School to present awards to deserving students. The 7th and 8th grades participated in a poster contest and an essay contest. Winners were chosen         in both categories and classes. The winners were:    

Essay Contest   Winners. Poster Contest Winners.
7th Grade Bryanna Wilburn 7th Grade Daniel Pachelli
8th Grade Marie Couturier 8th Grade Sarah Burns
Honorable Mention: Honorable Mention:
7th Grade Benazir Serna 7th Grade Luis Cendejas
8th Grade Allison Sabbah 8th Grade Mary O'Keefe
  8th Grade Lizzy Pancari

More Below--Photos

1. 7th grade Essay Honorable Mention: Benazir Serna.

2. 8th grade Essay Honorable mention: Allison Sabbah

3. 7th grade Essay Winner Bryanna Wilburn

4. 7th grade Poster Honorable Mention: Luis Cendejas

5. 8th grade Poster Honorable Mention: Mary O'keefe

6. 8th grade Poster Honorable Mention: Lizzy Pancari

7. 8th grade Poster Honorable mentions who apparently worked together.

8. 7th grade Poster Winner: Daniel Pachelli

9. 8th grade Poster Winner: Sarah Burns

10. Teacher; do not even remember who it was.

11. All three winners present, the Essay in red and the other 2 the poster winners

12. Group, includes all the kids, Joel Briggs, Jim, and Gloria CorbetI

The 8th grade winner was Marie Couturier who was not present. 

Your Co-chairs: Gloria Corbet & Joel Briggs.