Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

Memories, past, present and future.

By Warren Sell, member, KWVA of Lake County (FL) Chapter 169

Sept. 1948:

Right out of hospital corps school, USN, I was sent to the US Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. where I was assigned to the officers’ ward. My primary duty was being the caregiver for two Spanish American war veterans.

During my stay at the hospital, the comedian movie star, Joe E. Brown was admitted to the hospital by the authorization of President Truman because he had contacted malaria while he was entertaining troops in the South Pacific. Brown was then starring in the play Harvey; later, Jimmy Stewart played the part of Joe E. Brown in the movie version of the play about a rabbit called Harvey.

Nov. 1950, The First Marine Regiment

Under the command of Col “Chesty” Puller, we boarded LST's for an assault on Wonson Harbor, North Korea. Because of mines, we spent two weeks waiting for the minesweeper to clear the harbor. In the meantime, the ROK troops had already secured Wonson Harbor.

We made what was referred to as an administrative landing. To our delight and also serving as a morale booster, Jack Benny and his troop was waiting to put a show for us the following day.

May 1951.

Suffered a severe ankle sprain and spent one month in a mash unit with a walking cast up to my knee. The nurse had me taking vital signs etc., on the ward, but no bed pan duties! When my healing was competed after four weeks, I was sent home  rather than back to my unit.

April 2011:

I serve as a Hospice volunteer, and have done so for the past fourteen years. I am a member of the Hospice partnership council and we work closely with the Veterans affair office of the City of Jacksonville.



Warren Sell, member, KWVA of Lake County (FL) Chapter 169