Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

How to Search this Website with Google.

This website has no internal search capability. However, the many pages of the site, including all PDF files and, therefore, all pages of The Scuttlebutt, can be searched for a string of characters with Google, an Internet Search Engine.

Internet Search Engines

 Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others are Internet Search Engines that provide a very powerful means of searching the Internet. They are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites.

There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks:

  1. They search the Internet -- or select pieces of the Internet -- based on important words.
  2. They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
  3. They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.
  4. More Information on Search Engines

Google is the only search engine for this particular application. This is based on results, including the sample search shown below, where neither Yahoo nor Bing retrieved anything.

Example Search with Google

Suppose you are looking for information relating to what the Chapter has published about Don Van Beck and the Veterans Memorial project at Leesburg.

In  Google, enter the name you are looking for in the Search Block and then follow that with +"cid169.kwva.org" exactly as shown including the + sign.

example of google site search the queryEnter this information in the Google Search Block as is shown at left. (click to enlarge)
In words, this says "your are looking for all documents or pages containing the character strings Van Beck, AND Veterans Memorial AND are in the website cid169.kwva.org."

Google searches all the pages of the website, including all pages of The Scuttlebutt, all books, all web pages, all PDF files .... everything that has been uploaded to the website.

example search with Google.com; the retrieved documnets.At left is a partial list of the documents in cid169.kwva.org that this found. Note that the first two retrievals at the top are html pages; both happen to come from two Chapter History documents.

The next one, John Yohn Award, is a pdf file from The Scuttlebutt. And the fourth one is a link to an article in the Orlando Sentinel.
Note: what is being shown in this picture is a screen capture of the retrieval; hence you cannot click on these to see the actual document. To do that you need to perform the actual retrieval itself. Try it now! Go to Google.

Hence, it is clear that Google is providing a very good means of searching cid169.kwv.org.

You will get a list of relevant entries that satisfies the search you submitted, but you will find that not all of them are what you want. Scroll down the page and read the headings. Also note the source of the item retrieved, the last line. Look there for this website address, "cid169.kwva.org"

Try it, it works!