Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

KWVA Chapter 169 POW/MIA Policy

Whereas: When the Korean War Armistice was signed effective July 27, 1953, our Prisoners of War were repatriated, albeit without much fanfare, and much of that negative, and

Whereas: Nearly 8,000 MIA American heroes were left behind in North Korea, again definitely without much fanfare, and

Whereas: Some of the remains of these MIA brothers have been returned, and yet far fewer have been identified, leaving the balance still silent and scattered where they were deposited in the rocky soils of that violent and dastardly nation, and

Whereas: As a viable Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association, it is our duty to focus our full energies to speed the task of locating our lost brothers, bringing them back, identifying them and finally returning them to their families where they can be properly and permanently remembered as the heroes they are.

Now Therefore, it shall be Resolved: that the Korean War and Korean Service Veterans of Lake County (FL), Chapter 169, Inc. does hereby establish its POW/MIA Policy to:

A.    Remain ever vigilant and aware of the fact that nearly 8,000 of our brothers still lie silent in North Korea, apparently willingly allowed to lie there unidentified by their Country, by their military, by their legislators, and by their Commanders in Chief.

B.    Honor the memories of our lost brothers by:

1.     Remembering them at the outset of each Chapter 169 Member Meeting with an appropriate remembrance. (Please click here to see our Chapter's Procedure at start and end of each Meeting)

2.     Regularly (at least once a year) write an official Chapter communication to all of the U.S. Senators and Representatives in our area asking them what they are doing to foster the return and identification of these lost brothers.

3.     Invite each of these Members of Congress to come to a Member Meeting to explain what they are doing in this and in other matters.

4.     Ask each Chapter 169 member to contact their representative asking them the same question.

C.    Do whatever is possible to ensure that the memories of these lost brothers is not forgotten by:

1.      Actively endorsing a proposal by William “Bill” Allen to have a permanent POW/MIA Forever stamp issued—known as HR2794, or a replacement bill if necessary, by contacting our members of Congress. Asking them to lend their full support to HR2794, or replacement. Asking each Chapter member to contact their member of Congress asking them to support HR2794, or a replacement bill if necessary.

2.     Annually, on the third Friday of September each year, known in the United States as National POW/MIA Recognition Day, sponsor a ceremony at The Veterans Memorial in Leesburg, where there currently is no POW/MIA recognition ceremony, and support the existing POW/MIA ceremony at the Veterans Memorial in The Villages; in doing this, however, we should carefully weigh the publicity benefit of having a ceremony of our own, rather than just showing up for someone else’s ceremony; in either case invite other Veterans Organizations to join with us, and make extra effort to publicize in local media.

D.    Ask the Department of Florida to also have a POW/MIA Policy, and for them to guide all Florida Chapters in the implementation of their own individual POW/MIA Policies

E.    Likewise strongly request that the Association have a well-publicized POW/MIA Policy, and an active program that is publicized in Graybeards. Insist that they provide guidance to Departments and Chapters. Finally, ensure that the Association’s policy on POW/MIA measures up to their claim to provide a voice at the Washington, DC level worthy of the support of all Departments, all Chapters, and all members.