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Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- Chapter 5. Copy and Paste for Downloading Directly from the Displayed Report to Excel.

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014.  

This chapter presents a way for capable MS Excel users to download essentially anything you can get displayed as a result of a query to the MDB to an Excel file on your computer.

As in Chapter 4, you will of course need to have Excel on your computer. I am using 2010 Excel; I believe 2007 and 360 versions will also work although there is a lot of difference in appearance.

We will be using Copy and Paste in this procedure.

Note that as of July 2014, email was added to the CSV Output, thus making this Copy and Paste procedure somewhat less valuable. We will, nevertheless, present it's capabilities.

5.01  Let's begin with a complete 169 membership roster as shown (partially) as graphic image 2.08 in Chapter 2. (However, this is a new image.)


Carefully position the mouse pointer at the precise start of Mbr No in report header. Left Click and hold down on the mouse button and carefully drag toward the very bottom right side of the report.

5.01a  To the very bottom as shown here; this means dragging and scrolling at the same time.


When all of the material you desire is highlighted release your Left mouse button. The whole report is now highlighted (although this screen capture does not show it).  

Place the mouse pointer anywhere in this highlighted area and Right Click. Select Copy.

This will Copy all of what you have highlighted into the clipboard on your computer.

5.02  Now open a new Excel spreadsheet.


Place your mouse pointer in the space (cell) in the upper left hand corner; this is cell A1.

Right Click. Select the second Paste Option (this has the appearance of a clipboard with blue text - I have not been able to do a screen capture of this).

This places the material in the Excel Destination Format rather than what it was in the Report Format. The material from the Association Computer which is in your computer's clipboard will be pasted into the Excel file you have open. It will not be in the format directly useful for Excel but a reasonably skilled Excel user will know how to make it so.


5.03  This is what the Excel file looks like. Note that it brings all of the data elements from the MDB Report to the Excel sheet, but not in a convenient format. Usually, with the aid of all of Excel's functions, I design my retrieval to make it fulfill my need.


The following may provide a more useful illustration.

I needed to send materials to Florida Chapter Presidents/Commanders via email. There is (still is) no system report that I know of that produces such a list of Chapter Presidents.

5.04  I did the report shown below, which contains DoF and Chapter leaders.(Another report that perhaps would have been even better is the "Dept/Chapter List" report slightly down on the left margin of the home page www.kwva.org  but the procedure would still be the same as this one.)


5.05 I downloaded it to my computer in the manner described above in this chapter, which resulted in the following Excel file on my computer.


5.06  I then removed columns D through F since I had no use for this data in this activity. I then literally dragged and dropped each email address to the first vacant column on the right, Column D. And whamo, I had my desired  FL Chapter Presidents/Commanders email list. Much quicker than any other way I could produce it. Here is what this produced.


To send email to all of these FL Chapter Presidents/Commanders I merely had to Copy the data in Column D (email addresses) to my clipboard and then Paste it in the BCC: field of my email program and send.

You might say, why does he not keep these addresses in his email address directory?

I could, but I do not want to because then I have the maintenance burden. I want to use the MDB system information. It should be current, at least more so than what I could keep. And my goal is to make all of KWVA -- Association, Departments, Chapters and even Members more aware of the system, and more committed to making it always up to date.

Summary of Copy and Paste

This concludes the presentation on methods of downloading your report materials from the MDB on the Association computer to your personal computer.

As powerful as these MDB systems are, even as supplemented by downloading to Excel, still more is needed to run a Department or a Chapter. I will address this deficiency later.

Thank you. tjthiel

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