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Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- Chapter 3. Department Level Report Capabilities 

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014.  

I have regularly used the Department of Florida access as the Editor of DoF News, and the Webmaster of www.ciddfl.kwva.org   for several years.

I can say with a great deal of confidence that there are reports of significant utility at the Department level.

Logon to the Department portion of the MDB is the same as described for Chapter Access in Chapter 2. If you have not read this, I suggest you go to Chapter 2 now and just read the early section on gaining access through User Name and Passwords before coming back here. 

For Department access, we first go to www.kwva.org, Find the logo in the upper right hand corner of the screen and place the mouse pointer inside that logo, The pointer will change to a hand with the finger pointed.

Click on that logo and you will receive the 2.03 Enter User Name and Password Logon Screen shown below.

Remember that User Name is NOT case sensitive; whereas, the Password is case sensitive.

Please try this yourself now by clicking on www.kwva.org now. Hey, don't forget to come back here. To do that hit the "<" key a number of times until you are back here.

Entering a correct Department User Name and Password allows one to access the contents of the MDB at the Department level, which is considerably different than that provided by Chapter Access.


Basic Department Access

What Departments may access is illustrated by the screen capture shown below for the Department of Florida. I presume all departments have equal access.

3.01. Department Access Menu for the DoF is shown below.


There are nine report options available with Department access (see screen image 3.01 above).


Membership List

The first four are the same report, except that the results are sorted: by member last name, by City and then last name, by Chapter and then last name, and by Zip Code and then last name.

 Once one of these reports is selected, however, you will be taken to a screen that we have not seen until now, i.e., this is not available to Chapters.

3.02. Department Retrieval Screen shown below:


Examine the screen above carefully. I don’t know how many possible searching and reporting options this provides, but it is more than I am willing to count.


Sample Search -- CID169 Chapter Roster

So, let's do the following example. I want all Active members in Chapter 169 and I want the Chapter—Name output format. That meant I selected the third of the four retrieval options, and then checked Active and entered 169 for the CID in the above form.

3.03.  This produced the following report:


This is the report we got from this query. It looks on the surface just like the one we got when we produced a Member Report for Active Members in 169 in Chapter 2.

They should be identical one might think.

But they are not! Recall that the one produced by the Chapter Query had a total of 89 Active members in the Chapter, the correct number.

The one produced by the Department of Florida Query showed only 84! Obviously incorrect.

How could that be, computers do not make errors, you ask?

The difference of five is caused by the filters imposed on these systems by Association Management. The DoF retrieval filters out every member without a FL mailing address, whereas, the Chapter one does not. Chapter 169 has, as of the date this was written, five (5) Active members with mailing addresses other than FL (TX, MI, IL, OH etc.).

This is a major flaw for the Department Access portion of the system. And there is at present now way to work around this flaw. A computer system is expected to be precise!

It comes from the limitation that DoF may only “see” FL residents. Such is not reality, The filter should not be there.

Why don't you try your hand by entering the real time world of the MDB for your Department by clicking on www.kwva.org   But be sure to come back, which you may do by hitting the "<" in the upper left hand corner.


Hence, the Department Access report search options have limited value to Departments (especially Departments with large number of seasonal residents).

An exception might to make it available to Chapters to search their local areas by City or Zipcode to locate Association Members in their areas who are not members of their Chapter. But of course, this capability is not available to Chapters.


Department/Chapter Searchable List with Member Counts - Department DFL

Let’s now return to the Department Access Menu 3.01 above.

The fifth option “Department/Chapter Searchable List with Member Counts - Department DFL (1+)” is one that Departments should find especially useful for preparing Department Rosters etc.

3.05  Department/Chapter Searchable List with Member Counts - Department DFL (1+) for the State of Florida.


This report, which as we have seen is also available to Chapters, is suited for many Department functions, especially to the Secretary for compiling reports on Chapters within a Department.

I have made other uses of this report, one for emailing Chapter Presidents/Commanders, which will be illustrated later in Chapters 4 and 5.

I also recently learned that information in these reports is maintained by Mr. Feaster (please see chapter 2), and can vary from that in the MDB.


Documents Available Online

The "Documents available online" (Please see Department Access Menu) is what it says, a compilation of Department Documents, e.g., election reports, and others.

These may have significant Historical value, and therefore ought to be made available to the Department Historian.


Submit Member Info Changes to Membership Office

This is identical to that for Chapters.

This is very useful for submitting membership information changes the KWVA Membership Office and for reporting Deceased Members; there also is a chapter about Deceased Members.

In using this report I generally run a retrieval such as that shown in 3.03 above, and then open the form above and move them so that I can see both on my screen as shown in the graphic below. I then highlight Member Name on the report and drag it to the form above and drop it in the appropriate box. Then I do the same for Member Number. That avoids retyping and errors!

3.08 Side by side of screens to facilitate Drag and Drop to fill form above.


Try it now for your Department, go to www.kwva.org , but be sure to hit the "<" key in the upper left hand corner several times to come back here.


Detailed and Summary List with Member Counts

That leaves Detailed Summary List w/Member Counts, and Brief Summary List w/Member Count Department reports. Again please refer to the Department Access Menu.

These reports enable you to see what others throughout KWVA see -- Chapter and Department statistics.

3.06. If you select the DETAILED report and ask for the state of California, you get the following report.


This report has been used by the Editor of The DoF News. Also, in Chapter 5 we will show how to Copy and Paste the information in this report to an Excel file on your own computer and thereby be able to construct your own state email index of Chapter officers. Believe it or not, there is no MDB report that does this now.

Finally this leaves us with the Summary Report from the Department Access Menu. If we chose this report, and ask for the State of New York, we will obtain the following report.

3.07 Summary Report for New York.


Again, you give this one a try www.kwva.org   But be sure to < back several times to come back here.


Summary of Department level access to the MDB.

As we have seen demonstrated here, Department Retrievals restrict or require Members to have a State mailing address the same as the Department.

This causes errors in retrievals when compared to the same retrieval done through Chapter retrieval processes and restricts the value of the first four reports (I do not believe the other reports are subject to this filter, though.).

But the remaining reports obtainable with Department access are of great value to Departments.

Departments should not only use these reporting capacities, they should lead and educate their Chapters so that they can effectively use the MDB.

This manual has been written to meet this challenge.

Thank you. tjthiel

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