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Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- Deceased Member Procedures for Chapters and Departments

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014.

It is important for us to remember and honor our deceased members. This is in addition to that recognition we may offer during the burial procedure.

Chapters should promptly report the loss of a member to the Association Membership Office. The steps below outline what the chapter needs to do; it does not tell necessarily who will do it.

Become aware of a member’s death. This is not easy. We should continually remind members via chapter newsletters and other means of the need for families to notify us of the death of a member (so that they get listed in Graybeards), and regularly check local obituary notices in newspapers and online.

Once we know of a member’s death, we should notify appropriate chapter officials so that appropriate plans may be made.

The Chapter should then notify the Association Membership Office, providing Name, Membership Number, and date of death. This automatically ensures that member will be included in the TAPS section of Graybeards.

Chapters and Departments have access to a direct means of reporting membership changes, including death notices; this was shown previously 2.10 in Chapter 2, and is repeated below. Other forms of reporting are also accepted.

 Chapters may (should) prepare a one page or more Tribute to the Member. Items to include in this are: member name and membership number, a photo, full or partial obituary, military service dates, places, etc., chapter contributions, and perhaps other information.

This Tribute should also be sent to Association Membership Office preferably as a pdf file, which means that it should be typed in 14 point font minimum.

You may view these tributes at www.kwva.org and scroll down to the next to last menu item on right side menu; you do not need to go through security to do this.

This provides the quickest and most convenient way to obtain lists of deceased members for special Chapter and Department needs and events.

You access this at www.kwva.org  Stay on the Home Page and scroll down until you see the In Memoriam block next to the last link on the Right Side Menu, see below.

2.15 Notice the In Memoriam block there on the lower right side. Click on that, and you will be directed to the Selection Screen shown below.

2.14  Notice that you have several options to put in for your retrieval criteria. Be aware that you may limit to a single year. You may request a single Chapter. Or you may request All States or a single state. If you specify no selection criteria, you get all entries.


2.13  A partial list of Chapter 169 deceased members is shown below. Those underlined have tributes, which you can see on your output by clicking on the hyperlink on the live listing (not the screen capture below).


In case I hadn't mentioned it before, this entire Deceased Member (In Memoriam) section is outside the secure portion of the MDB. Try it now www.kwva.org

Thank you. tjthiel

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