Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- Chapter 2. Chapter Access to the MDB 

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014. 

This assumes you have just finished Chapter 1. Introduction, and are ready to enter the Association Membership Database. You have  www.kwva.org in your browser’s window.

You may go to the website by just hitting the link www.kwva.org

You will immediately be hyperlinked to the Home Page from that website, which is shown below.

2.01 The Association Website.

This is the Association’s outstanding website created and managed by Jim Doppelhammer, whom I told you about in the Introduction. Notice that www.kwva.org still is there in the upper left corner in the Browser window.

The “whole wide world” can see this window. In fact it is designed to do just that, reach the wide world of the internet.

Go to the website now by hitting on this link, www.kwva.org But do not forget to come back by hitting the "<" at least once but probably multiple times.

We’re going to leave that wonderful webpage now, but make a note to come back to there again and look around. You will be glad you did.

So, I’m at the KWVA website, I didn’t see the MDB!

No, you didn’t. Not yet. It is hidden from all out there in the internet world.

See that logo in the upper Right hand corner. The Korean War and Korean Service Veterans patch created by Don Struhar?

Put your mouse pointer inside that logo. When you do it will change shape to a pointed finger. When it does that, Left Click.

2.03  You are then asked to enter your User Name and Password.

Where do I get those?

The Membership Records Management & Management Information System Supervisor, Jake Feaster, is supposed to issue User Names and Passwords to the President/Commander of every Chapter and every Department.

You may contact Mr. Feaster at Ph: 352-466-3493, Cell: 352-262-1845, Fax: 352-466-3493.

They, in turn, are to give them to those who “have a need to know.”

May I suggest all Officers, the Editor, Webmaster, Chaplain, Historian (including Photo), and more -- all have a need to have access to this system.

We can only make changes by request to the Membership Office; they make actual changes to these records. So, there is no ability for us to damage the DB in any way!

The answer to the question "How do I get my Access Code and Password?" is "It depends."

 If you are a Chapter President/Commander, or a Department President, you need to contact Mr. Feaster.

If you are a member of either the Chapter or Department official staff, you need to contact your Chapter or Department top official and ask them to give it to you.

In the past access to the MDB has been refused to all Non-Accredited Chapters and Departments. About half of the chapters in the U.S. are N/A!

N/A, as I understand it, means you have not filed such things with Mr. Feaster as your Bylaws, your last election reports, or your Incorporation documents. Or it could also mean one or more of your officers are not “legal” for the position. Maybe they do not have a Member Number, or perhaps they are not eligible to serve in the position. It is also my understanding that the Association BoD wishes to issue passwords to all Chapters and Departments, and deal with the N/A issue another way.

So, if you do not have your password, call Jake. Ask him to give you these codes while you are still on the phone.

Entering the MDB

We will now assume that you have the proper User Name and Password, and that you have entered them correctly.

Be aware the User Name is not case sensitive; on the other hand the Password is case sensitive.

Hit Enter, and you are now Inside the MDB! Well you can do retrievals in the MDB might be a better term.

2.04  You will get a Chapter Welcome Screen like that shown below for Chapter 169..

Try it now. Click www.kwva.org , enter your Access Code and Password. Don't forget to come back. You do that by hitting the "<" in the upper left hand of your screen. You need to do this several times.

2.05 Depending on how your Chapter is seen by the Association, your screen may have the following imbedded in your Welcome screen.

Although you are told you are not authorized to view the MDB, all menu options still function the same as if you did not have the warning message. However, I recommend you still call Mr. Feaster to resolve the issue causing the red alert.


Chapter Reports Menu

The menu available to chapters is shown below in larger format.

2.06  Let’s call it the “Chapters Reports Menu” for future reference.


2.07  Left Click on the first one “Membership List Searchable Database for Chapter xxx,” where xxx is your Chapter’s CID results in the following selection screen.


We will select “Active,” and hit enter or Left Click on the Search button.


Basic Chapter Retrieval Format

2.08 A partial capture of a basic retrieval for Chapter 169 is shown below. It is unremarkable in its simplicity. And you can do a lot with it.

Now you do it. Click on www.kwva.org

 If you have already entered before you should be able to bypass entering your Access Code and Password. Again hit the "<" in the upper left corner several times to come back.


You can print the report it directly from here by clicking on "Print this page," at the top of the output, or you can output it to Comma Separated Value (csv) file on your desktop. There will be a separate Chapter devoted to csv later on in this manual.

Actually, Chapter 169 has a total of 89 members as this is being written on May 26, 2014. Your report may be limited to 50 entries per page with however many pages as necessary.


Due Date Order

Now please go back to the Chapter Reports Menu (2.06), and notice that the second menu choice is the same report but arranged in Due Date Order. Since our Chapter Dues Date is the same as the Association Dues Date, this report has been very helpful.

We will not show that printout here as it is identical to the Basic one, except that the listing is arranged in Due date order.


Chapter Information Summary with Member Counts

2.09  Again referring to the Chapter Reports Menu, we note that the third report available to chapters is “Chapter Information Summary With Member Counts - Chapter 169 (1+) “ and its result is shown below.


You can test this one the same way as before, www.kwva.org


Submit Member Changes to Membership Office

This is one of the more useful reports, a vehicle for sending notices about members' information to the Membership Office.

2.10  We again refer to the Chapter Reports Menu and see that the next Chapter Report available is “Submit Member Info Changes to Membership Office", which is shown below.


This is very useful for submitting membership information changes the KWVA Membership Office and for reporting Deceased Members; there will also be a section later on about Deceased Members.

In using this report I generally run a retrieval such as that shown in 2.08 above, and then open the form above (2.10) and move them so that I can see both on my screen as shown in the graphic below. I then highlight Member Name on the report and drag it to the form above and drop it in the appropriate box. Then I do the same for Member Number. That avoids retyping and errors!


3.08 View of form 2.08 and 2.10 side by side.


Try it now for your location www.kwva.org


Documents Available Online

Lets again refer to 2.06, the “Chapters Reports Menu.” and note that the next available report is “Documents available online.” (Actually, this is the fourth one on the menu; I did this just to see if you were still awake.)

This contains pdf copies of documents that the Chapter has submitted, and that are available online at this site. In the case of CID169, it only has one Election Report even though we have regularly submitted all required materials. So, to me this report option has little value.

Yours may, however, so take a look. www.kwva.org


Detailed and Brief Summary Lists

That leaves Detailed Summary List w/Member Counts, and Brief Summary List w/Member Count again refer to the Chapter Reports Menu.

These reports enable you to see what others throughout KWVA see -- your chapter’s statistics. But most interesting is that unlike all other chapter reports, these let you access every chapter everywhere.

2.11  If you select the DETAILED one you get the following selection menu.


This is a standard system retrieval screen. You may put in your own CID here, or you may put in any chapter anywhere. You may also select Florida (or any state) instead of All States.

2.12  Is what I retrieved when I selected Florida (partial listing)

This report format is the one used in the DoF News for the past year or so.

I have recently discovered that at least some of the information in this report does not come from the MDB, and can provide some inaccurate information.

Again, give this one a try www.kwva.org  Be sure to come back for the final wrap-up of this section.


Summary of Chapter Access

This completes what Chapters may access from the MDB. It is relatively a limited amount of information. However, in July 2014, email was added to the CSV output which greatly increased the utility of the MDB.

We will come back to discuss how the MDB system ought to be enhanced to enable Chapters to have more capacity to use for vital Chapter operations later on.

In terms of Chapters being able to output their information retrieved from the MDB, so far the only output has been printing directly to a printer connected to your computer.

That is in a format that may have some utility but certainly not useful for Chapters to, for example, send a newsletter to their members, either via email, or via snail mail.

There are some ways around this but they require more computer skills than we have assumed so far—all you need to know to get all of the above is how to get online to retrieve your email.

We will describe these procedures in Chapter 4, Using Excel and Comma Separated Value to Extend the Value of the MDB for Chapters and Departments, and in Chapter 5 Copy and Paste Output.

Thank you. tjthiel

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