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Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- Chapter 1. Introduction 

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014. 

The KWVA Association Membership Database

Let us begin by telling you what it is that we are going to learn how to use. I call it the KWVA Association Membership Database (MDB). It is a file containing membership and personal information about all current and former KWVA members. It resides with the Database and Website Manager, Jim Doppelhammer in Charleston, IL.

What kind of personal information does it contain? I’m not certain of all the detail, but likely most of the information you supplied when you became a KWVA member.

OK, so we have a DB, why should I care about it?

Well first of all because that’s how your Graybeards gets mailed. Also it is used by many people and many reports who rely on it to be accurate. Since only you know when something about you changes, your snail or email for example, it is contingent on you to supply that information so that your record is correct.

You should care because as the Department of Florida, and as Chapters in Florida, you have access to selected portions of this database. So, you will want to retrieve accurate and complete information when you use it. And, as a former Chapter Secretary/Treasurer and extensive user of the system, it has the potential of meeting all the membership needs to run your program.

Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this Manual to enable you to use the MDB, to keep yours and your member’s records accurate, and to enable you to extract information that is useful to you in the managing of your Chapter’s and Department’s members.

Just a bit about the MDB for any techies who happen to be reading this manual. The MDB is a relational database constructed and maintained with Microsoft’s Access Database Software system. What do I mean by relational? Over simplifying it a bit, think of it as several related databases that are linked together by some common element, for example, your Member Number. That’s enough about this, now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

So, how do I gain access to the MDB?

Well you have to gain access through your personal computer or laptop or even your tablet or smart cell phone. We will have to assume you have one and know how to turn it on, and also that you are able to get and receive email.

This of course means that you have either hard wire or Wi-Fi connection to your internet provider, the people where you get your email, e.g., Gmail, yahoo, Comcast, aol, or whatever.

To get to the MDB, you first need to go to the KWVA website, www.kwva.org You do this by placing www.kwva.org in your Browser Window.

Woa, there. What do you mean by Browser?

A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI/URL) and may be a web page, image, video or other piece of content. (I don’t know all that, I just looked it up on Google. I also use Bing and Yahoo to answer my questions.)


Let me show you some graphic images of browsers.

This first one is the one I use all the time, Internet Explorer. Not sure what version but it is the most recent one. No matter what Browser you use, be sure to update it often to help reduce the opportunity for the bad guys to break into your computer. (click on image to enlarge)

Note at the top near the left you will see that I have entered www.kwva.org Had I hit enter it would have taken me to that webpage. Also note, there will always be an address related to the ISP provider in that window; just delete that and enter www.kwva.org 

 So, that is Internet Explorer. Now let’s look at some others.

 That is AOL’s Browser window above left. Mozilla Firefox; a popular browser center, and Comcast or Xfinity on right.

So you know what a Browser is now. It probably is the program or application (yes App is just new lingo for a Program) that you use to retrieve your emails.

You know it has a window, Browser window, near the top left margin of the browser. It will likely have something in it. But you need to enter www.kwva.org and then press enter.

Hyperlinks and Sever

So, what happens when you hit Enter?

You hyperlink to Charlestown IL to the computer server there. Woa again big boy, those are two new terms you have dumped on me—hyperlink and server. I thought I knew what a computer is, but now you talk about a computer server?

OK, let’s start with the first one, hyperlink. “In computing, a hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering or that is followed automatically.  A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Hypertext is text with hyperlinks. A software system for viewing and creating hypertext is a hypertext system, and to create a hyperlink is to hyperlink (or simply to link). A user following hyperlinks is said to navigate or browse the hypertext.”

Did you notice “or simply to link”? That’s all it is. Just a way to link or jump from your computer here in FL to that server there in Charleston. Don’t worry about all those other words in there, we don’t have time for them.

Oh, you said server bothered you too. Well again relying on good old Wikipedia—you all know about Wikipedia don’t you? Well Google it. No, I’m not going to tell you what Google is.

“A server is a system (software and suitable computer hardware) that responds to requests across a computer network to provide, or help to provide, a network service. Servers can be run on a dedicated computer, which is also often referred to as "the server", but many networked computers are capable of hosting servers. In many cases, a computer can provide several services and have several servers running.” Wikipedia.

So it is just another computer capable of handling maybe a lot more than what your laptop or desktop might be able to handle.

This really completes all of the background you need to use the MDB. So let’s really go now!

Thank you. tjthiel

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