Korean MemorialKorean War & Korea Defense Service Veterans, Lake Co. (FL), Chapter 169

Association Membership Database (MDB) User Manual -- How to use this manual 

by Tom J. Thiel, Past President of Chapter 169, date written June 2014; revised August 16, 2014. 

This manual consists of Six Chapters or segments as shown immediately below.

 Introduction    Chapter Access    Department Access    Excel & CSV Output    Copy & Paste Output     Deceased Members. There also ia a Cover or Manual Home page, which serves as the primary means of accessing all chapters.

Each chapter should be thought of as a single webpage starting at the beginning and continuing vertically until the end is reached.

This is an interactive illustrated manual because it contains several dozen graphics, which were created with the Screen Capture capability of Windows 7. They are used to illustrate what the MDB user sees when they are using the system.

The interactive part consists of many Hyperlinks and Bookmarks. Hyperlinks enable you to "jump" to the address of the link, for example it might to another page on this website, to a Bookmark in this document, or to another webpage anywhere on the internet.

Hyperlinks in the text of this document appear as in the elements of paragraph 3 above (which take you to another page on this website).

For example, click on Chapter Access above. It will take you to Chapter 2, KWVA Chapter Access. When you are in Chapter 2, you may hyperlink back to this page by hitting the "<" in the top left hand corner of the screen. Depending on what you did while your were in Chapter 2, you may have to hit "<" more than once to get back here. Go ahead. Try it now.

There also are Bookmarks and Hyperlinks within chapters. I've told you about hyperlinks. Bookmarks are just a marked place in the same document. Later on in the text, there may be hyperlinks to bookmarks. You guessed it, clicking the hyperlink takes you back to the bookmark.

For example, some basic graphics are Bookmarked and then in the text following there are references to going back and checking that graphic. Clicking on that Hyperlink will take you to that graphic where you may look for the referenced material, and then hitting the "<" in the top left hand corner of the screen to go back to where you came from.

There are also hyperlinks to the KWVA website, which happens to also be where the MDB is as well. As you might guess these hyperlinks take you there immediately. I will explain a certain report and then say "you try it", and show www.kwva.org in the line of text. Go ahead now, you try it. www.kwva.org. Oh, don't forget to come back.

Remember I mentioned "Six Chapters" earlier in this text. Did you notice it was underlined? Now go back there by clicking on this link.

I think that is about all that you need to know to get started, now you try it!